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Get Ready to go Outer Space with the Smart Moon Lamp

The moon has mesmerised generations of humans. From inspiring poets to lighting up the imaginations of scientists, everyone can appreciate the raw beauty of the moon. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing it up close through a telescope, you’ll know how majestic it appears with all the craters.

Gingko Smart Moon Lamp Bedroom

For anyone who has tried to take a photo, you’d have been frustrated with the results. Even during the red moon and other events where it appears large in the night sky, our cameras seem to struggle to really get a good photo. So it’s likely you haven’t seen it up close and personal outside of museums and online. Never mind the dark side of the moon which we can’t see from earth.

Enter the Smart Moon Lamp, winner of the 2022 UK Gift of the Year Awards. You’ll be able to bring a slice of astronomy into your home with this replica of our moon. Best of all – it levitates and rotates, enabling you to enjoy the moon in the comfort of your own home. Truly a stunning central point for your space.

Gingko Smart Moon Lamp
  • Two colour tones for the base to suit any interior – walnut, white ash or black
  • Three different LED colours to choose from for the perfect ambience – warm white, cool white and warm yellow
  • Levitating lamp thanks to in-build magnets, creating an awe-inspiring floating moon model
  • Low power usage, just 1.5W
  • Eco-friendly design & construction, thanks to using reclaimed wood and a fully recyclable PLA Material

The in-built LED can be changed from warm yellow, cool white or warm white, something for everyone. The base of the lamp can be customised from a selection of walnut, white ash or black to perfectly match your interior space.

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Written by Mark Greene

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