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iON Wireless Go Power Bank – Portable and Powerful

iON Wireless Go Power Bank

The iON Wireless Go Power Bank is slim, strong and eliminates all worry when cruising around with low battery on your phone. Learn more!

iON Wireless Go Power Bank - Portable and Powerful

Having my phone die on me while out and about is always somewhat of a worry. It happens a lot and it has never come at a time that I did not need it. I have tried several portable power banks and thus far they have all failed on me or set me back way too much cash to deem worthy.

When I found the iON Wireless Go Power Bank, my skepticism almost immediately gave away when I saw how powerful it is.

Essential, Effective and Even Stylish

I’ve never seen a charger that was actually stylish until the iON.  Cranking out 18W, the iON will get your phone charged and fast.

I find that the LED indicator showing your charge level is more prominent and easier to read than its alternatives that I have tried. You can charge without a cable while also powering other devices using two USB drives that the iON has.

I am finally sold on a wireless power bank actually working and I give it 5/5 because of how essential to going out it has become for me.

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Written by Mark Greene

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