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6 Ways To Get A Better Grip On Your Phone While Travelling

Better Grip On Your Phone

While travelling, you may notice that you are not fully in control of your phone. This is especially true for those who have a smartphone with a big diagonal. Nevertheless, there are many ways you can get a better grip on your phone while travelling.

PopSockets are increasingly popular and have been for quite a while now. Basically, a PopSocket is a flat, self-adhesive plastic disc that you can stick on the back of your smartphone or phone case. It pops out to provide you with a two-finger grip and a stand at the same time.

The biggest benefit of PopSockets is that they are entirely personalized. You can get a PopSocket with virtually any picture on it. Besides, you can also use stickers afterward if you get tired of the design.

The only downside is that the sticky surface may eventually fall off if you pop the PopSocket often. But that will probably happen at some point with almost any grip on this list.

Ninja Loop is a notable exception on this list as it is not technically a grip. Ninja Loop is a really strong strip of fabric which makes it weigh a lot less than any other grip. Ninja Loops come in a variety of colors and you can even order a customized one.

Ninja Loop has a simple logic. You stick one end to the inside of the case. Then, you feed it out the camera hole, down the backside and then back in through any available opening at the bottom. You fix the other end on the inside of the case too. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually not.

Ungrip consists of a small plastic plate which you attach to the back of your phone. There is a fabric loop attached to the plate that you stick your fingers into. You could say it’s a mix between two other grips that you will say later in this list: LoveHandle and Spigen Style Ring.

Ungrips come in different colors, but what’s even cooler is that you can remove the loop from the plate and change it for a different one. Unfortunately, you can’t buy loops separately from the plates. You can either purchase the full kit or nothing.

Internal Tools

In addition to the grips that we are discussing here, there are some internal tools such as apps and services that you can use to improve your experience:

  • Duolingo: An app to learn almost any language you want. Perfect for those who are planning a long-term stay and want to learn the language to adapt better.
  • The Word Point: An online translation service that can translate your documents if you are having a business trip.
  • Offtime: An app to limit your access to social media and help you focus on more important tasks.
  • Todoist: A task manager to create your to-do lists and be able to save yourself time by always being in control.
  • Dark Sky: A hyperlocal weather app that not only gives you the most accurate weather and reminds you to take your umbrella if it seems like it’s going to rain.
  • Waze: An app with maps which is an alternative for Google Maps and Apple Maps Connect. It has the most recent information about the traffic too.

Lazy-Hands can best be described as a finger-loop gripper. You stick your fingers into the loops and that’s that. The biggest downside is that you will have to stick a piece of Velcro on the back of your smartphone or phone case which doesn’t really excite many people.

The loops may also prevent you from fitting your phone into your pocket, but the other side of the coin is that you might manage to use them as a stand for your phone. In any case, it’s probably the most comfortable grip of all the choices currently available on the market.

LoveHandle is somewhat similar to Lazy-Hands and Ninja Loop at the same time. It’s a small, self-adhesive plastic strip with a stretchy band attached to it. You can fit one or two fingers into it or purchase an XL size to fit three or even four if you feel more comfortable that way.

LoveHandles come in different colors and patterns and you can even create your custom design with text or images. To put it shortly, LoveHandle is perfect for those who want complete freedom with the design as well as something comfortable yet compact at the same time.

Spigen Style Ring is best worn on the phone case rather than the back of your smartphone. It’s a flat plastic plate that is stuck to your phone. There is a metal ring attached to the plate that you loop your fingers through. Spigen Style Rings are probably the second most popular option after PopSockets.

You can use the Ring as a stand too which makes this grip the best choice for those who like reading or watching videos hands-free. The downside is that you can’t lay your phone on its back as it won’t lie completely flat (just like most grips on this list anyway).

Other Situations

When choosing the best grip for your phone, you have to take into account all the other situations when you are using it. For example, if you use a magnetic mount in your car, then you will probably have to eliminate some grip options immediately as you won’t be able to use the mount anymore.

Likewise, you must consider whether or not you are okay with sticking something directly on your smartphone if you don’t use a phone case. It’s all up to you and your preferences at the end, so think carefully before making your final choice.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, getting a better grip on your phone is really not difficult once you find the optimal option for yourself. Choose one from the variants provided in this article and be happier with your phone while travelling.

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Written by Mark Greene

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