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Tips to Increase the Security of Your iPhone

Do you want to increase the security of your iPhone? You will need an iphone tracking app so that you can track it easily. Sometimes, you forget the last location of the iPhone after keeping it on a table or work desk. In this situation, a tracking app can help you to find your smartphone. Here are some tips that can help you to increase the security of your iPhone.

Install iPhone Tracking Software

To enhance the protection of your iPhone, you must use mobile monitoring software. These apps are designed to track information and activities of a target iPhone. This information is transferred on a secure panel where data can be checked and viewed. Two types of phone apps are available, such as free spy apps that offer limited features. Another type is a premium app that comes with advanced features.

To use this app, you have to make some payment. These apps allow you to get detailed data regarding text messages, calls, social media apps, phone gallery items, email threats, and messaging. You can also get browser history, location of your phone, and its distance via the GPS tracking system. In the presence of tracking software, it will be easy for you to find your lost iPhone,

Secure iPhone with a Strong Password

The most efficient and simple way to protect your iPhone and its data is a strong password. You can’t secure a smartphone with a four-digit code. Use a powerful combination of symbols, digits, and letters. Your iPhone should immediately ask password after lock screen.

For added security, turn on “erase data” feature. After activating this feature, the device will automatically wipe everything from its memory after ten failed password attempts. Remember, data will be permanently erased. You can’t recover it, so remember your password. With the help of a secure password, you can protect your sensitive information from the wrong people.

Turn off Notifications for Lock Screen

A strong password will not help if your information is available on a screen. Emails, messages, and other details may contain sensitive data, such as financial data, private appointments, confirmation codes, etc. If your iPhone is showing everything on a lock screen, your data is not safe.

To avoid this situation, turn off notifications for the lock screen. In this way, you can protect your information from strangers. If you want to turn off notifications, explore “Settings – Passcode/Touch ID & Passcode – Allow Access for Locked section”.

Dual Verification for iCloud and Apple ID

For added security, you can get the advantage of two locks. With two-step verification for iCloud and Apple, you can protect your sensitive data. For this purpose, you have to register one or even more reliable devices (must be in your control) that will receive a verification code via SMS or “Find My iPhone” service.

After two-step verification, you will always have to verify your identity before using iCloud, Apple ID, iBooks, iTunes, and purchases from the App Store. It helps you to protect your Apple account from unauthorized users. For two-step verification, visit this link.

Moreover, you have to disable Siri on your lock screen. Siri acts as your personal assistant; therefore, it can give away your confidential information. Avoid activating Siri from lock screens. Remember, Siri can communicate with everyone without recognizing the owner of the device.

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