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Morrama Angle Razor

How a UK design studio re-imagined the traditional straight razor:

Morrama Angle Razor

A straight razor for the 21st Century.

We designed Angle Razor to bring traditional straight razors into the 21st Century and to sit alongside the incredible safety razors that are being created today. 

The tool of professionals, for use at home.

We love the ceremony around shaving with a cut-throat razor, and wanted to honour that. As used in barbershops across the world, the disposable blade straight razor is the choice of professionals. The Angle Razor allows you to recreate the barbering ritual at home.

Great for trimming and wet shaving and sharp every time.

Whether you want a completely smooth shave or need to just tidy up the edges, the Angle Razor is great for trimming hair, shaping hair and wet shaving. Taking disposable blades available worldwide gives you a razor sharp shave every time at less than 5p a shave.

A rewarding skill that's better for your skin.

Using a single blade has been proven to reduce skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Despite cartridge razors being easier to use, running multiple blades across your skin can cause damage to the upper surface. Take time to learn the skill of straight razor shaving and the results will speak for themselves!

Why the Angle Razor is not just another modern razor design

Morrama Angle Razor

1. Unique and beautifully considered design. We've worked hard to reflect the ritual of shaving in a tool that is both functional and minimal.

2. Built for control and balance. Shaving with a straight razor is about control and Angle Razor has been designed to give you the perfect amount of control and movement. The handle has been carefully weighted to create a balanced pivot point at the thumb and forefinger for control on the longer strokes and the form of the paddles bring you as close to holding the razor blade as possible for precision in the tricky areas or when straightening up those lines.

3. Designed to last. Technically the Angle Razor is a shavette, but unlike most shavettes Angle Razor has been designed to last. We're using the highest grade machined anodised aluminium to create an experience that's about disposable blades, not disposable razors.  

4. Designed to save your time and your money. less than £0.10 ($0.14) each
Angle Razor isn't as costly or time consuming to use as a traditional straight razor as it doesn’t require the use of a strop or any sharpening tools, and the blades are widely available online and in store. at .

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