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The Piggyback Rider

The Piggyback Rider is a lightweight, compact, child carrying contraption made for toddlers 2 years and older. Its unique design makes it enjoyable for both child and adults as they go for long walks and traveling. It’s compact and is a very good replacement for strollers and big bulky child carriers.

Piggyback Rider

Made out of space age materials that secures the comfort and safety of the child and the adult. The Piggyback Rider’s shoulder rig hugs the adult comfortably even for a long period of time. It is carefully designed to distribute the child’s weight evenly to avoid straining pressure points when carrying a conventional carrier.

The lightweight, solid metal bar purposefully accented with griptape makes it secure for a child’s foot not to slip. This intelligently designed harness system includes a webbing loop for a child to hold. This makes sure the child is in place no matter how arduous the journey is.

piggy back rider

It has a harness clasps secluded neatly away from a child’s vision so that they may not be able to unclip themselves. With a whistle added to the chest and padded shoulder straps, it’s definitely designed for rigorous outdoor use.

It’s not everyday that you come across something cool and innovative. The Piggyback Rider will definitely uplift family bonding and adventure to a whole new level.

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