5 Easiest Ways to Earn Extra Money During Your Spare Time

Earning money is not an easy task for many people.

There can be people who are still unhappy regardless of the amount of money they have in their bank account, and there are also people who may be a little strapped for cash and looking to try build up their funds.

No matter the reason, life would be great if money just fell in to our hands without any work whatsoever. We all know this isn’t the case though, so let’s go through:

earn extra money

"Earning money is not an easy task for some..."

​The 5 Easiest Ways to Earn Money During Your Spare Time

Become a Mystery Shopper

earn extra money

Are you a fan of going out and purchasing yourself a nice new set of garms? Then you will be chuffed to know that you can actually get paid to do so! 

​The Mystery Shopping Providers Association, MSPA ,is always looking for new people to carry out mystery shopping trips, and there are over 50,000 a year just in the UK – so there is certainly no shortage of jobs available.

Once you become an established shopper, you can also expect to earn upwards of £35,000 a year too, all for a bit of shopping! There are also other options when it comes to mystery shopping too, ones of these is becoming a purchaser of alcohol.

This doesn’t pay as much, but if you are aged 18-25 you can be paid £10 a pop for buying alcohol to see if you get asked for ID by the person who is serving you, and either way, you get free booze. Easy!

Become a Tour Guide

earn extra money

Do you love the place where you live, are you always looking forward to when family and friends come to visit so you can show them around and take them to your favourite spots? Then becoming a tour guide could be a great idea.

There are companies which are available such as Vayable that allow you to put together a tour route of your choice and allow you to go and show people around.

The way it works is that you can charge however much you see fit and then the app will take a 3% cut off the top. So you can plan a great trip around the capital and go to the best sight-seeing spots such as the London Eye or Buckingham Palace.

But, as you are local you can also show these people the lesser known places that they wouldn’t be able to see usually.

Become a Foster Parent

earn extra money

Are you good with children and may have had past experience babysitting? Then becoming a foster parent can be a strong possibility for you.

Many think that fostering is something which is done by the government, but recently fostering has grown over the past few years which means that the government are needing more people to look after the children, and this has resulted in more private fostering agencies to look for people to become parents.

You will be given full and complete training and the more experienced you become, the more money you will start to make.

Refer Your Friend a Job

earn extra money

This option is only a possibility if you already work in a company and are looking for another way to get yourself some more cash.

But you can make money extremely easily by simply referring one of your friends for a job that may have become available within the company.

You may not realize this, but the vast majority of workplaces often give you money if you can aid them in hiring a new person, which can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the position.

This then has two benefits, not only will you earn some cash by passing a CV on to your boss, but you will also be able to work with your friend!

Rent Out Your Spare Room

earn extra money

Got a nice house with a guest room? You might actually be sitting on an asset that you could make a lot of money from! Spare rooms can often just be collecting a lot of dust and are usually only used when you get guests around every couple of months or so.

You can then use this room as way to generate some income for yourself and it could actually cover most of your mortgage costs. If you are living in a city, then there will be a huge number of people who want a place they can live.

Students can especially be a good choice for this, as the standard student rent prices they would have to pay are expensive and they would be looking for somewhere cheaper.

So offering the spare room in your home for however much you want (but be reasonable) is an extremely easy way to make some more cash!


With today's fluctuating global economy being resourceful is a prime ingredient to maximize the potential money making capacity of your surroundings.

With a bit of forward thinking, logic, drive and the ability to find clever and creative ways to benefit oneself as well as others you'll be earning the extra buck in no time!

Terrence Kennedy

Written by Terrence Kennedy

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