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6 Outstanding Advantages of Pursuing an Art Dealer Career

An art dealer typically serves as the intermediary between buyer or artist and their customer; traditionally, they do business through a gallery. However, this profession has remarkably changed over the years. Back in the day, it was far more complex to reach the intended audience. However, nowadays, this process is much easier with the Internet. 

Fast forward, art dealership sounds like the ideal profession for an art lover. Yet, if you’re still unsure whether becoming an art dealer is the right career choice, consider these top six advantages.

Art gallery

What does an art dealer do?

An art dealer searches for and buys pieces using their wide knowledge of art and the art industry. They might profit by selling those items to individuals and institutions or function as intermediaries between artists and those parties to make a sale possible. Art dealers spend much time socializing, attending exhibitions, and making contacts in the art world.

If they manage a gallery, they also devote time to managing the business side. Many art dealers work with commercial partners who contribute the funding needed to launch a gallery while managing the company’s art-related aspects.

Qualifications for an Art Dealer

Art dealers frequently hold degrees in fine arts or art history. They might begin as salespeople and then transition into artists or take an entry-level job at a gallery, museum, or auction house. They get the connections and expertise necessary to begin working as an art dealer over time.

Future Prospects for Art Dealers

For art dealers, predicting trends is essential to long-term success. Similar to how tastes in music and fashion fluctuate, so do tastes in art. Art dealers ought to be on top of things. 

Art is always valuable, even as tastes evolve. It adds beauty to people’s lives while providing a concrete means for them to invest. Economic trends can occasionally affect one’s ability to invest in art, but the market always recovers.

Pros of Working as An Art Dealer

Here are some of the many opportunities and benefits that this profession can provide you with:

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1. It Can Be A Passion

Being an art dealer prevents work from feeling like work, and not feeling like working is a tremendous advantage because most individuals are only employed for financial gain and lack other driving forces. Because you will genuinely enjoy your work and are not merely in this industry for the sake of money, you may work every day with a positive attitude, unlike many individuals who detest their jobs.

As a result, if you love art and art history, you’ve made your passion your profession and are having joy working alongside others who share your enthusiasm.

2. Leading Art Dealers Earn a Good Living

Another benefit of being an art dealer is making a ton of money doing what you do. Many artists do not earn that much money, so it is impossible to earn millions of dollars annually.

As a result, even while becoming wealthy as an art dealer may be unlikely, your odds are still likely to be substantially higher than those of much other normal employment. Better yet, the best website builders for artists can assist you in exposing your chosen art to new audiences, thus boosting your profits further.

3. Most Art Dealers Work from Home

The ability to work indoors is another advantage of becoming an art dealer. Although you might take this for granted, many other individuals still have to work outside in harsh weather. For instance, many recycling facilities and industrial employees must work in harsh weather conditions.

It makes little difference because they will spend the majority of their workweek outside, whereas you, as an art dealer, can operate in a more comfortable setting. Additionally, most communication in modern society occurs over social media, so unless there is a huge event, you don’t need to leave your house.

4. You Can Begin a Side Business

As a side job, you can even open an art gallery. The side business gives you an additional safety net because you will continue to get income from your daily work while simultaneously preparing for your exit from that employment. For instance, since you have the knowledge and experience for it, you may create an artistic blog or a YouTube channel where you can instruct people in art history and hold art lessons.

If you can put in the effort and maintain the demanding schedule, you can earn money through various avenues, which is how many art dealers supplement their income.

5. Art Dealers Can Traverse the World

You might receive invitations to various events in numerous nations if you excel at what you do and gain certain fame. Someone else will reimburse you for your global travels.

So, if you enjoy exploring new places and learning about various cultures, becoming an art dealer could be a terrific career choice.

6. Making a Living as An Art Dealer Might Also Benefit Your Personal Life

You can apply your understanding of art in various areas of your private life and business. Since you finished with a degree in art history, becoming an art dealer gives you the chance to become a professor at a university. Additionally, you may spend much quality time with your family and friends because art is timeless. Since you have the option of working in several positions, such as that of a curator or an archivist, your career as an art dealer may not be your only one.


Art dealers have the power to introduce you, the artist, to customers who would love to buy your creations. Art dealers’ responsibility is to know artists, their interests and inclinations, preferred color schemes, artistic styles, and other preferences.

They are aware of the background of the artist’s artwork. And art dealers are aware that it is your story rather than your paintings that sell. Making these connections is a major advantage when dealing with dealers. Although it’s not as simple as you might believe, the profession has a lot of advantages.

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