Top 10 Precision Nutrition Trends To Know in 2020

Precision Nutrition Trends

In over ten years, precision nutrition has been responsible for people adopting healthy eating and making lifestyle changes. Many people have realized that there is a huge connection between nutrition and maintaining good health. Considering this, more people have opted for precision nutrition.

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2020 has seen a massive improvement in people’s nutrition. This is even more so because many people are at home due to the pandemic that has rocked the world.

Tyler Read, a fitness expert, and owner of is a firm believer that precision nutrition is great for the human body. If implemented correctly, it can have long-lasting benefits for both mental and physical health. Read on as we debunk some hormonal myths. 

There have been certain nutrition trends that we have noticed, and we have brought you the top ten nutrition trends of 2020.


It’s a field day for vegetables 

Vegetables have taken over the nutrition world. It is undeniable that vegetables contain a high amount of nutrition. Therefore, it is not surprising that people consume different vegetables every day.

Whether it’s soup, snacks, ‘junks,’ or main meals, vegetables provide healthy alternatives for you. Ever had carrot sauce? Instead of your everyday sauce that contains lots of carbs, you can eat your pasta or basmati rice with carrot sauce.

Also, it’s time to dump your chicken shawarma. Rather, eat vegetable shawarma that has a low-carb tortilla wrap. Even big brands are adopting a healthy lifestyle. Ketchup and BBQ sauces from True Made contain veggies in place of sugar.

The gluten-free diet is here to stay

There are gluten-free alternatives for almost every meal now. Even your oats aren’t spared. Some pastries purchase gluten-free flour for those who would rather prefer such an alternative. Traditional foods are not left out too. There are gluten-free options for them.

Gluten-free alternatives are quite beneficial because they contain a higher proportion of fiber, are rich in nutrition, and are less processed than normal foods.

Diary options are expanding

Gone are the days when plant-based milk was just limited to soy milk and almond. Now, there are more and better options available.

Depending on your dietary preference and requirement, you have more options like banana, hemp, hazelnut, oat, flaxseed milk, etc.

Banana and oat milk are particularly pleasing for those interested in holistic nutrition because they do not contain most of the eight allergens that are trademarks of more orthodox kinds of milk like soy and almond.

There are many yogurt alternatives apart from traditional non-dairy milk. Before you purchase any, read the nutrition facts to check if it contains anything you’re not comfortable with.

CBD and hemp are taking over the world

Many states and countries have legalized the nutritional consumption of CBD and hemp. Food restaurants have started making hemp in food available on request. Beverage makers are brewing CBD beverages. We cannot deny their emergence in the food industry. Even some ginger beers contain hemp.

As it stands, more people are open to the idea of exploring more food and beverage options using hemp and CBD. It is well-known that hemp has nutritional and medicinal values. As it aligns with the goal of precision nutrition, this is only the beginning.

You can get CBD protein supplements that can work wonders for you.

Keto-friendly restaurants and grocery stores

Food business owners have started seeing the light. Many of them are incorporating keto-friendly meals into their menus. Since many people are trying to lose weight or are paying keen attention to what they eat, they can walk into these eateries to purchase their keto-friendly meals.

Similarly, groceries have included keto foods in their items for sale. This trend isn’t expected to go away for a long while. Therefore, it is necessary to make items available on sale.

Keto supplements, powders, meals, bars, and the likes are available at most grocery stores.

Alternatives to sugar

Sugar, maple syrup, and honey are still quite popular. However, alternative options that prove to be healthier have begun to spring up. Syrup extracted from plants like pomegranates, dates, coconuts, etc. can be processed and used for making marinades and desserts.

If you’re thinking of baking or making beverages, then syrups extracted from sweet potato and sorghum are the healthy alternatives for you.

Besides, if you’re on the lookout for healthy sugar alternatives that contain low carbs and calories, then you should try the monk fruit.  

Alcohol-free beverages

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that there are healthier alternatives to alcohol. These alternatives are taking 2020 by the storm. Because many people are shying away from alcohol, alternatives like mocktails are becoming increasingly popular.

Drinks like non-alcohol beers taste almost like traditional beers except for alcohol. They are devoid of the dehydration caused by beers. Even better, they promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s why people are embracing it.

Allergen-free foods

Nowadays, it is quite common to buy food products and see manufacturers boast on their packs, saying that their products do not contain the eight common allergens. They go further to inscribe symbols that depict the message.

Allergen-free foods do not contain gluten and are made from plants. They are suitable for everyone, especially those who have different food allergies. Traditional foods usually contain nutrients that trigger one’s allergies, but these foods made from plants do not.

Irregular fasting

It is one of the most popular nutrition trends in the world right now. People who do it are trying to lose weight, improve their general wellbeing, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. It is an eating culture that creates cycles between the time of eating and fasting.

It is one of the few eating cultures that do not specify what exactly you should eat. Rather, it is concerned with when you should eat these foods. There are different methods of intermittent fasting.

Regardless of the method you choose, you’re sure to burn calories with intermittent fasting as long as you don’t consume too much to make up for the lost time.

Foods that ease digestion

Do you feel some discomfort after eating food? Don’t worry; it isn’t just you. However, some foods can reduce the discomfort you feel. For example, food products without grain and lactose, prebiotic dairy, and dairy got from goats are helpful. They’ll aid your digestion.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.