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How To Choose The Best Wet Shaving Products

While some people prefer to keep their body hairs and only trim them occasionally, some love a clean shave. The amount you shave will always depend on what makes you comfortable. However, when going through this process, you should make sure to work with the best shaving products so that you can get a clean shave and reduce cases of cuts or razor bumps on your skin.

Wet Shaving Products

People can either choose dry or wet shaving when removing hair from their bodies. Dry shaving involves using an electric shaver to remove hair from the skin, but it won’t achieve a clean shave. 

On the other hand, wet shaving involves water and other shaving products, such as razors and brushes. Wet shaving gives you a clean-cut compared to dry shaving. 

Wet Shaving Products 

You can choose a wide variety of wet shaving products to give you better results and be good for your skin. With several products available, it’s essential to ensure that you choose the best. This article looks at the different products and how to choose them: 

1. Shaving Brushes 

There are different types of shaving brushes that you can use when wet shaving. The brushes differ depending on the material used, the stiffness, and the handle. The brushes are widely available, and you can buy a new brush from Shavingtime.co.uk.

"Badger Shaving Brush from Shavingtime.co.uk"

When choosing a shaving brush, here are the things to look at: 

  • Type of brush – When looking for a brush, you should consider the material made from it. The most common brushes are made from animal hair, while others are synthetic. Badger brushes are soft on the skin and, therefore, a popular choice. However, for those who don’t like animal brushes, using a synthetic brush will do fine. Moreover, synthetic brushes are good absolvents so that you won’t need too much cream.
  • Brush Stiffness – The stiffness of the brush will determine how much water you’ll need for the shave and get hairs to stand up for a cut. Soft brushes, like badger variants, will hold more water and cream, making them perfect for wet shaving. Stiffer brushes, like boar hair brushes, are stiffer and hold less water. The positive side of stiffer brushes is that they are durable. 

These two components, along with other minor ones, such as the shape of the handles, are what you should look at when choosing shaving brushes.

2. Shaving Razor 

Shaving razors are the most common type of wet shaving product as they can be used without any other product apart from water. When choosing the right shaving razor, you need to consider the safety of the razors. 

There are two types of razors that you can use when wet shaving: 

  • Safety Razors – If you’re a beginner in wet shaving, then this should be your choice of razor to use. The safety razors have double-edged blades and a metallic guard, which ensures safety when shaving.  
  • Straight Razors – These types of razors offer close shaving and precision when sculpting lines. They have a long blade attached to the handle, and the blades should be sharpened regularly to maintain the precision of straight razors. There are also some straight razors with disposable blades called shavettes. They have safety features, like safety razors, which makes them a trendy choice. Straight razors can be intimidating to use at first, but with a bit of practice, they may change your shaving game for the better. It helps to familiarize yourself with how to use straight razors first for your safety and to make sure you don’t mess up the results.  

So, when choosing a shaving razor, use a blade that you’re comfortable with. If you’re a beginner, use a safety blade until you’re comfortable enough to use straight blades. 

wet shaving

3. Shaving Creams 

Shaving creams act as a lubricant on your skin and protects against irritation and cuts. When wet shaving, it’s always advisable to use wet shaving creams to get the best shave. The cream that you use should be of high quality. 

Here are the things to consider when choosing shaving creams: 

  • Look at the Ingredients -The best type of shaving cream should have natural ingredients to protect and lubricate your skin. Also, ingredients such as aloe vera have antiseptic properties that can protect your skin against burns and irritations. Always avoid creams with no ingredients indicated because they might be of low quality and can damage your skin. 
  • Read Up on Reviews – Reviews provide more information about a particular cream product and the experiences other users have had with them. Check on the latest reviews as those will give you a better idea of the product. 
  • Check the Performance – When looking for shaving cream, look at the thickness of the lather and the lubricity it offers. Better lubricity and suitable thickness will help to protect your skin when shaving. 

You can also consider factors, such as costs and easiness of use when looking for creams. However, make sure it’s high-quality.


Wet shaving can help you to get the best out of your shaving procedure and leave your skin as clean and smooth as you’d love. However, it all depends on the type of products that you use. Essentially, you need to buy the best brushes, creams, and razors. The tips on choosing the right products will help you the next time you consider wet shaving.

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