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5 Ultimate Stag Do Locations

A stag do (also known as a bachelor party across the pond) is the final opportunity for a man to party with his mates before he settles into married life. The best man is usually responsible for organising a stag do and there is huge pressure to get this part of the wedding experience right. A great stag do is remembered for the rest of your life and choosing the best location is crucial. So, if you are a best man looking for the perfect location for a stag do, continue below as we bring you the 5 ultimate stag do locations.

Stag Party

It is difficult to begin the list without mentioning Las Vegas. In terms of nightclubs, casinos, hotels, and entertainment, Las Vegas is tough to beat. This is a 24 hour party city and it does not matter if you want to sit at the poker table all night or go and catch a show featuring a big name entertainer, you have it all in Las Vegas. The days seem to blur into one and for a memorable stag do, you must seriously consider a stay along the Las Vegas Strip.

Perhaps a stag do in Las Vegas is too expensive or you do not want to follow the crowd, in that case, we would like to introduce Atlantic City. Atlantic City is like a mini Las Vegas and is situated on the west coast of the United States, meaning it is easier and quicker to access for people residing in that region of the country. Due to the condensed size of Atlantic City, it can be done over the course of a weekend and you can follow in the footsteps of Steve Buscemi in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Atlantic City is home to fantastic casinos, top hotels, lovely restaurants, a good nightlife, and beaches. What more do you want from a stag do destination?

If great beaches are an important consideration for the stag do, Miami Beach is a tremendous destination. Miami has been voted as one of the best nightlife cities in the United States thanks to the wealth of awesome night clubs and hotel lounges, where the partying continues long into the night. You will find everything you need along Ocean Drive and if you want to get away from the party animals and have a more stylish night out, you can hit one of the many Miami Beach rooftop bars. Known as ‘America’s Riviera’ and the ‘Art Deco Playground’, South Beach offers pristine golden sand, stunning food, and a cracking nightlife, with plenty of music shows staged throughout the year.

We cannot list the top destinations in the United States for a stag do and leave out New York City. In terms of the variation of nightlife options, you will not find a bigger selection of different clubs and bars than those found in the Big Apple. The beer gardens in Brooklyn, rooftop bars in Manhattan, pubs of East Village, and the cocktail lounges in SoHo combine to bring you a wealth of options for a night out. In addition to the drinking and partying venues, New York City boasts Broadway musicals and shows plus concerts every night. Known as the ‘City That Never Sleeps’, the bars and clubs are open well into the small hours and with arguably the biggest choice of hotels on the planet, New York City has to be considered one of the top 5 ultimate stag do locations.

Finally, we come to Los Angeles and Hollywood is a sensational place for a stag do. If it is good enough for the stars, it is good enough for you and West Hollywood and Beverly Hills are great spots for nightlife, with refined rooftop bars and cocktail lounges. For late night entertainment, head downtown where you will find a buzzing nightlife thanks to the array of nightclubs, offering music to suit every taste. You can even add some stardust to the stag do with a visit to Paramount Pictures Studios.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.