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Learn How To Properly Store Ammo With These Tips

In many states, people are free to use firearms for self-protection and recreation. But like all civil liberties, it has its share of duties and responsibilities. There’s no shortage of horror stories about guns getting misused in many communities. If there’s anything owners should take away from them, it’s that they could do much better to protect others and themselves from their weapons. 

Proper, safe storage is one of many things you should consider when you’re a gun owner. It’s the key to reducing the risk of accidents and making your weapons last longer. That includes everything from the gun itself down to the accessories and ammo.

Gun Bullets

The latter gets overlooked often. Yet improperly stored ammo bogs down the performance of your weapon, as exposure makes metal bullets rust. 

Well-chosen storage can prevent that. It also helps you conveniently access your ammo whenever you want. And for die-hard enthusiasts, they provide a nifty way to showcase your arsenal. For example, you can get a storage case that complements your magazine wall mount

Regardless of your type of firearm, you can find something that fits your needs in today’s market. 

So, how do you properly store your ammo? Here are tips both beginners and connoisseurs should follow.

1. Store Ammo Somewhere Dry And Cool

Humidity is one of the leading causes of corrosion on ammo, especially on the brass casings or the bullet itself. Rusty ammo can cause issues, such as deformations that put the cartridge out of alignment in the chamber. It can also degrade the cartridge, making it unsafe for firing.

If you’re going to stock up on your ammunition supply, storing it in areas close to extreme heat is a bad idea. It can impact the gunpowder’s chemical mixture, reducing its performance and lifespan.  

Instead, look for a location within your home that’s dry and cool at all times of the day. Although ammunition is designed to work under extreme weather conditions, protecting it from temperature fluctuations lets it last for up to 10 years. Choose a place at room temperature and with low humidity.

Be vigilant with your ammo supply during the summer and winter seasons if you want them ready for a hunt or a shooting range session. If the weather gets too hot, it can cause the chemicals in gunpowder, specifically nitrocellulose, to take on a gaseous form. Check your ammo’s condition before use. 

2. Organize Your Ammo  

Once you find the right place to store your ammo, you can move on to thinking about how to showcase your collection. If you find stacking the cases on shelves boring, why not get a wall mount? These can be advantageous if you want to hold several ammo types together while keeping them out of reach.

3. Label Your Ammo Properly 

When you buy ammunition, you’ll receive it in foam or cardboard packaging. Check that the distributor puts it in airtight containers to prevent moisture and heat from damaging the goods. 

Most factory packaging contains all the necessary details about the ammo, including the type and bullet weight. If you find the original boxes bothersome, you should cut out the label and put it in your container of choice. 

If you’re storing hand-loaded ammo, always provide a clear label on your container. You can use a written or printed card taped or stuck on it for a visible reminder of what it contains. 

With proper labels, you won’t waste time rummaging through your ammo supply to find compatible bullets for your firearm, especially if you own different types. 

4. Use A Clay Desiccant To Protect It From Moisture 

For extra protection against humidity, it’s best to include clay desiccant in your storage, especially if you’re shoring up for possible ammo shortages.

Clay desiccants act as dehumidifiers and help with regulating temperature. If you use one when storing your ammo, make it a habit to inspect it along with your supply. 

Furthermore, when sealing your ammo, consider using transparent plastic to find any corrosion or damage quickly.

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5. Use An Ammo Container Or Can 

If you want to store your ammo properly while keeping it out of sight, especially if you have young children, consider using an ammo container or can. Nowadays, you can find suitable military-type metal or plastic sizes to accommodate your ammo supply. They help keep all your cartridges safe by being airtight, waterproof, and portable.

Keep Your Bullets In Top Condition

Like firearms, ammunition requires proper storage to ensure its safety and longevity. The right conditions and smart choices are crucial in storing your ammo. These tips should help you get started on the right foot.  

Remember that safety should always be the priority when handling and storing ammunition. Talk to the experts to learn more.

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Written by Mark Greene

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