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What To Wear On A Golf Course – Do’s And Don’ts

What To Wear On A Golf Course

Whether you’re thinking about starting to play golf or are already an avid golfer! There are many misconceptions about what you should wear on a golf course!

While your attire might not make you a good player, golf is a gentleman’s sport, and wearing the right clothes is an essential part of the game!

Read more to find out what makes for suitable golfing attire!

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You need to look the part to play the part. Wearing the proper attire on the golf course not only makes you look better, but it’s also functional! 

Golf clothing is designed to allow you to move freely, breathe, and conforms to golf etiquette. Exactly what you need on the golf course!


When it comes to shirts, you have a wide range of designs to choose from. We recommend keeping it basic, without fancy designs. Keep the haway-themed shirt in the closet for now!

Most courses will ask you to wear a collared shirt, but local rules might differ. If you want to be sure, call ahead of time and ask about the dress code. You can’t go wrong with a collared shirt on the golf course, though. 

To tie up your look, wear your shirt tucked in. Again, most places will let you play with an untucked shirt, but you won’t; it just doesn’t make for a complete golfer look. 

If you play in sunny conditions, you might want to consider a collared long sleeve shirt. Otherwise, you can also get arm-sleeves that protect your skin from the sun. 


If you ever watched golf on tv, you might notice that all golf pros wear long pants on the course. In the old days, these looked very much like suit pants!

Nowadays, the rules are a bit looser. Long pants are still the way to go, though. 

You might think that short pants will keep you cooler during hot weather. Still, the truth is that modern golf pants are designed to cool you down and protect you from the sun without restricting your mobility.

An additional benefit is that your legs won’t be complete or sand and dirt after a round! 


In colder weather, a sweater or a jacket should be part of your golf ensemble. You can opt for a vest for added mobility, but jeans and hoodies are off-limits. 


Golf shoes often have spikes or other features that improve your game. Note that most courses have banned metal spikes, so make sure you choose a pair that has plastic spikes. 

Keep the colors simple; white, brown, or black are the way to go. 

Some courses might allow you to play in sneakers, but we don’t recommend it. Golf shoes are designed to be comfortable and offer you a better grip on slopes and fairways. 


Similar to your other clothing, accessories have a functional purpose in Golf. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to your ensemble. 


You can choose from an ordinary baseball cap-style hat or a bucket hat. 

Bucket hats have their uses but stick to a baseball cap or visor if you aim for a more traditional look. 

Exceptions make sense if you play when it rains. Golf bucket hats for rain are designed using water repellant material and keep your face dry. 

A round of golf, especially as a beginner, can take quite long, and you’re out in the sun! A good hat protects your face and keeps the sun out of your eyes. 


Golf sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sunlight but also make it easier for you to see the ball!

They enhance colors and contracts, helping you spot a ball in the rough and see changes in terrain more clearly.

For these reasons, we recommend sticking with sunglasses designed for golf, or at least for sport. Keep the disco glasses in the bag for now.  


A glove is typically worn on the left hand (as a righthanded golfer) to increase grip when you hold the golf club. 

You can choose between leather and synthetic fabric, and both are acceptable on the course. 

A tip; Remove the glove after a shot and keep it either in your back pocket (on hot days) or front pocket (on cold days). 

Not only will this make you look like a golfer, but it also keeps the glove dry. Nothing is worse than playing with a wet glove! 


Whether you play using a cart, trolley, or carry the golf bag on your back. You might need a small bag to keep your valuables, golf tees, or other golf accessories. 

What to do next

Congrats, you look like a golfer now! All that is left is to buy the right clubs, get some lessons, and enjoy a round of golf with your friends!

It’s a sport you can play all your life, anywhere in the world, and learn at any age! And with these styling tips, you’ll definitely look the part, even if you don’t act the part of a pro golfer!

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.