Boost Your Children’s Creativity with Gridopolis: Second Edition

Gridopolis: Second Edition

Gridopolis: Second Edition is a build-and-play-in 3D strategy game that boosts creativity and has great educational capabilities!

Gridopolis: Second Edition is a unique build-and-play-in-3D strategy game with great educational capabilities. It’s suitable for children who want to develop their creativity, families looking for a fun way to spend time together, as well as adult geeks who like games with modular and dynamic setups.

Up to four players can play Gridopolis: Second Edition, and you can also enjoy solo mode. The original had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the second version features improved packaging and instructions. It includes high-quality components that are visually attractive and durable. The simple gameplay mechanism and impressive replay value make it tempting for players of all generations.

The new Gridopolis is currently in the pre-order phase, and the deliveries are expected in April 2020.

Written by Mark Greene

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