Hobbies For Men - Snowboarding

95 Hobbies for Men In 2016

In a world of constant distraction and ever increasing hours at the office, a man’s hobby continues to be one of only a few outlets and areas of true solace and sense of control. Throughout history, great leaders and people of the world have separated themselves from their chosen profession, if only for a while, to undertake a hobby.
Man getting laid via Tinder

How To Get Laid On Tinder

Tinder is a dating app, or better yet a ‘hookup’ app, that has taken much of the world by storm. It has totally revolutionized online dating as well as the way men and women interact with one another.
best field watches

The Perfect Guide For Men Who Embrace Wrist Watches

Since the beginning of product development time, men have been able to enjoy, show off, display their personality through accessories. Wrist watches are considered as a fashion and personal accessory that men wear for a variety of reasons. The basic function, which is to keep track of time is most important. Other factors include fashion style and personal taste.
Portrait of a man washing in bathroom

8 Stunning Body Washes For Men

Personal hygiene is something that everyone pays close attention to on a daily basis. In today’s society men have a plethora of options to choose from when choosing their body washes. Most men may have one favorite that they use all the time as their go to selection. Most men also have a variety of selections that they use as alternatives depending on specific situations.
gift ideas for new girlfriend

5 Good Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Imagine that you have been trying your absolute best to impress and try to get the girl of your dreams. If you grew up in the 90s era, you know and understand the TV show love story of Cory & Topanga. Although they may have been fictional, the reality is that many people would love for their real lives to turn out how Boy Meets World did.
how to get rid of gyno

Underwear Fashion Remedies for Men with Gynecomastia

In today’s society it is pretty understandable to realize that having a sense of humor is completely fine. However, as the old mantra goes “there is a time and place for everything.” While many people (men and women) take more the joking aspect of male problems than serious, it is about time we start changing that paradigm.
best luxury pens

20 Men’s Best Luxury Pens for Daily Use

Essentially when men think about pens some do not give it a second thought, and others take a little more consideration into it. Even though we live in a world of technology, that does not mean we as humankind have negated the simple pastime of writing things down on paper.
best smelling body wash for men

Top Men’s Body Wash for All Day Freshness

Men of all lifestyles understand that one of the most important things that they are judged upon is their aroma. Whether it is in the environment of casual meetings or professional settings, a sure way to have individuals avoid you would be because of your smelly body odor. It is understandable that keeping a safe distance away from anyone that does not smell pleasant because of their own personal hygiene is expected.
shampoo for thinning hair men

11 Stunning Shampoo for Thinning Hair Men

One of the depressing moments in a man's life is when he begins to realize that he is losing hair. While not the most pleasant thing to experience, hair care developers over the years have been able to assist men by extending their hair days for a few more years if desired.