10 Most Effective Dating Tips for Men

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Nowadays a brief Google search will provide you with thousands of dating tips. The problem is that not all of them work. Some of the most popular guides repeat the same things again and again. Some men need to know exactly what to do to impress a woman. There are certain ways to attract women which work in all situations. Read the following guide and increase your chances to attract a woman.

dating tips for men

The Most Effective Dating Tips for Men

Dress Properly

First thing you need to do before going out on a date is dress properly. Keep in mind that first impression is very important. Common ground and connection necessary for relationships are usually established during the first dates. Also, remember that when on a first date a woman you’re meeting doesn’t have any criteria to judge you by. She doesn’t know you yet and she is not aware about what kind of person you are. Logically, she may jump to conclusions based on your looks. Therefore, you need to look good and maintain the best impression you can make. Ask your friends what suits you best. Reconsider some of your buying habits. You may dress casually but try looking as good as you can.

Respect Your Dating Partner

Successful dates depend on mutual respect. You can’t expect a woman to like you unless you are respectful towards her. Being respectful requires you to be open-minded and polite. You should express interest in your partner. Seeing that you respect her, a woman might consider you a worthy one. Don’t be too critical or judgmental. Remember that when you date, there’s still a lot you don’t know about a person. Therefore, your respect should be unconditional at first seeing as how there still a lot to reveal about a person.


Women like when men listen to them. You should listen to what your dating partner has to say. Try to be attentive and careful. Ask a woman questions and be enthusiastic about your approach. Impressing a woman is easy once she notices you’re interested in her. Listening may, perhaps, be the best advice you can get. Keep in mind that women praise men who are willing to listen to them.

Tell About Yourself

You definitely should tell about yourself if you want to impress a woman. Telling about yourself requires you to be passionate and enthusiastic. Express excitement when you tell about yourself. Share some of your interests, passions, tastes, and preferences. You need to attract a woman by letting her know your personality. Your unique identity should be presented in a way that will make a woman desire to know more. 

Be Creative

One of the secrets of successful dating is creativity. Creative and original men have better chances because they make something that sticks in a woman’s mind. You need think out of the box and do something exceptional. In other words, try organizing events or making things that will be memorable. Original dates usually end well because they distinguish some men from others whose approach is more traditional and, in a way, too casual. For example, choose doing something more interesting that a traditional visit to a restaurant. You may attend a festival or visit a gallery.

Be Confident

dating tips for men

Confidence is the key when it comes to dating. All women like confident men. Therefore, you should not be insecure. Your moves, tone of voice, gestures, and all your appearance should express confidence. Never allow yourself to get nervous. Whatever the circumstances are, stay relaxed and try to be comfortable all the time. Confident men have more self-respect and are generally less nervous.

Make a Present

Making a present for a woman you like should help you to achieve success. Women like presents. Don’t buy something too expensive because a woman you’re dating may consider it a bribe. Something small but interesting should do just fine. Presents can serve as token of your gratitude. Women sometimes are more material than men. Therefore, you should spend good time but also left her with something that will remind her about you.

Prepare Thoroughly

You need to apply tactics if you want to succeed in dating. Therefore, get everything ready in advance. Good planning that you do beforehand increases your chances. Have a proper place to invite a girl in case such opportunity pops up. Also, be ready to pay for everything. You should be ready for some unexpected expenses. Just in case.

Make Compliments

When you make compliments your intentions become clearer. Paying your girl compliments should please her and make it easier for you to impress her. Don’t just shot a traditional “you’re beautiful” or “you have beautiful eyes”. Come up with something more creative like the way she walks or talks, her hairstyle, a new purse she bought, etc.

Play Hard to Get

Winning a woman is not all about pleasing her. Sometime women want what they can’t get. Or what they think they can’t get. In case all you do is making compliments and praising her, she may find you too accessible. She may also start to think that you want her too much. If you notice something like that, become twice as relaxed immediately. Remember to be confident. She may like you but she wants you to like her more. Some women consider it a game to reveal the feelings of others. Of course, it is best to express yourself clearly and don’t play around. Still, this game is so widespread some start playing it unconsciously.


All in all, now you know the most popular tips on dating. They are also the most effective. Following this easy guideline should significantly increase your chances of winning the girl of your dreams. Just remember to dress properly, be confident, respectful, and charming. Prepare for a date and get everything ready beforehand. Be creative and original. Make her a present and pay her compliments. Finally, remember to listen attentive and tell about yourself. Do it with passion. Dating is a process that requires you to make certain steps and apply appropriate techniques. Men who are prepared beforehand are more likely to succeed in this entertaining venture. Now, go out there and amaze everybody with your attitude. Good luck!

Written by Terrence Kennedy

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