How to Choose the Right Shoes For Your Peloton Bike

Right Shoes For Your Peloton Bike

A Peloton bike is a great investment in your personal fitness and ability to work out at home. Given the considerable expense of buying a bike and the necessity of keeping up with monthly subscription fees, many riders try to save money on accessories. One of the best ways to cut corners is to look for budget cycling or discontinued running shoes. Find out how to choose the right footwear for indoor cycling.

Right Shoes For Your Peloton Bike

Compare Shoe Designs

Peloton sells branded cycling shoes for a pretty penny. You may be able to get a better value by browsing a womens sneakers sale that includes cycling shoes. Most cycling shoes have breathable uppers made of synthetic materials to control moisture and odor buildup. These designs also tend to feature snag-free laceless closure systems. The soles of cycling shoes set this footwear apart from other athletic designs.

Rigid outsole materials such as carbon or fiberglass provide support for superior power transfer from your legs to the pedals. The biggest difference between standard athletic shoes and cycling shoes is that the latter have cleat mounts. Depending on the design, these mounts may have two, three or four holes. Three-bold triangular LOOK Delta cleats are necessary for shoes to clip into standard Peloton pedals.

Convert Your Size

Most of the best men’s athletic shoes for cycling come with European sizing. The right size of shoes may also vary based on the brand and style. In addition to converting European to American shoe sizes, you should also factor in several considerations. Many cycling shoes only come in standard widths and your feet may swell slightly as you ride.

The closure system on a pair of cycling shoes can determine whether a style will be suitable for very narrow or wide feet. If your feet are between sizes, you should probably order the next size up. Depending on the sizing of a brand and the fit of a style, it may be necessary to order shoes that are up to two sizes larger. Check to see how other wearers describe the fit of a particular style of shoes to determine which size to order for the most comfortable fit.

Check the Soles

The only shoes that can clip into standard Peloton pedals have LOOK Delta cleats. Clipping shoes into pedals prevents slipping and helps you pedal properly without causing unnecessary knee strain. If your outdoor bike has two-bolt SPD pedals, three-bolt SPD-SL or Speedplay pedals and you want to wear the same shoes while riding inside, you will need to purchase and install compatible pedals on your Peloton bike.

While the design of cycling shoe uppers and interior and sole materials are essential for comfort, the cleat mounting system on the sole is the most important factor for Peloton shoes. Select shoes with LOOK Delta cleats to clip into stock pedals or switch out the pedals on your bike to ride in shoes that have other cleat systems. If you want to wear standard athletic shoes without cleats for indoor cycling, you will need to install pedal or toe cages.

Written by Mark Greene

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